How to Use Video Marketing to Generate Daily Leads For Your MLM

Are you one of those frustrated MLMs who has maintained a website for years and still cannot gain a good position on Google? If so, don’t despair as I have a great idea for you — upload a video; it’s as simple as that. Video marketing is a no-secret marketing tool that directs daily lead traffic to websites. This technique has been utilized by SEO and online marketing experts for years and has positioned them and their clients at the top ranks of Google search. If you haven’t noticed, no matter how weird your keyword search is, if there is a video attached to that keyword it will frequently land on the first pages of Google.

So, here’s what you’ll want to do to effectively use videos to generate daily leads for your MLM. First, it is vital that when you create a video that you include the rules of branding all throughout. Branding is very important in any form of marketing because it creates a visual memory of your business to your target market. Even when creating videos it is important to add your website logo, either as a watermark or as an embedded footer throughout the film. Remember, you do not need to hire an expert to do this. It is most possible there is already an available “movie maker” application somewhere on your computer that will enable you to do it yourself. However, if this truly impossible for you, you can create an alternative such as integrating the logo to the film itself by displaying it on the clothing of your performer/actor. Make sure, however, that enough emphasis be given to it so that it might serve its purpose.

Second, do not forget to add your web link, blog link and your Facebook link, as this will direct traffic of possible quality leads to these sites.

Third, the video should be submitted to an online video service such as YouTube. This, however, can be a risky step. Once submitted to YouTube, it is most likely that it will gain the better advantage on search engines rather than your own site. This could definitely impact your video marketing strategy. The most logical approach, then, is to upload the video directly to your website’s server and link it to as many other sites as you need. This way all traffic is directed to your own MLM website, and you will avoid competition with YouTube and other online video services with the search engines.

Fourth, post this video to Facebook, blast it out through Twitter, and submit it to all other social networking and bookmarking sites. Posting this video will naturally draw traffic of quality leads to your MLM sites through backlinking and will help you attain better ranking with the search engines.

Last, write a blog and create a short description of your video for Google and other search engines. In doing so, do not forget to use the proper keywords that will link your leads to your business. Search engine optimization (SEO) rules should apply. You can find heaps of information on SEO all over the Internet.

Video marketing is a great way to generate daily quality leads for your MLM. Not only does it pull you up in the ranks of search engines, but it also is a great way of introducing your company to the public. It’s a great technique that is absolutely free. Before you know it, your website will be flooded with visitors and prospective team members. One of the best small investments you can make for your business, is to purchase a low-cost ($100-200) video camera to get your video marketing started!

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7 Powerful Ways to Have a Successful Network Marketing Home Based Business

To be successful in Network Marketing, new distributors or Network marketers rely greatly on the upline support or company support system.By the time you finish reading this article, you will discover that you have acquired a solid starting ground or background if you are already in Network Marketing, to take your home based business to the next level. There are:

1. Make use of your upline support and support system.

New distributors rely on the upline support and company support system to be successful. When people join your network marketing business,they will needs a lot of help from something or someone inform training, motivation and encouragement.

Most new distributor gave up when the uplines are not actively helping them. This happens when the uplines are simply sponsoring as many people as they can with no regard to what happens to them after they get sponsored.

It is important that you get immediate assistance from a local person, or tools that you have. Otherwise your chances for survival are minimal.

2. Learn how to Sell or market products and services.

Helping new members to sell or market products and services is the key to survival in network marketing. When new members market the services they earn immediate and direct income which provide them with ongoing cash flow. They will use this cash flow to support and grow their business. There is no need thinking about the millions you will make in 2-5 years when you are not sure of surviving the first 90 days.

3. Learn how to generate good and targeted leads.

It is very important that you learn how to get quality, targeted and not quantity leads. Qualify targeted leads are people who are actually looking for what you are selling. Telling friends and family is not targeted but can still your business.

4. Learn How to Work Smart and make use the duplicable system.

You must work smarter to survive in Network Marketing. You can work hard for a living but you must work smarter for a fortune especially if you want to improve your life style.

You work smarter by building a strong group so that you can duplicate your time and effort and benefit from each group member effort. This a long term goal of promoting your business.

5. Engage in Direct Marketing and Sell by mail.

Modern days network marketer do not have to waste their precious time making cold calling, going around to look for prospects or attending the boring hotel meetings. You can do it all by just sitting in front of your computer. You can build your leads through offline newspaper ads and promote to your leads through direct mailing method. Direct mailing is still very important method of marketing.

6. Learn about the company, products and services.

Learning about the products and services in form of product or service review and education will help you understand the benefits they provide which you can then pass over to your customs. People will buy products and services only because of the benefit they derive from them.

7. Stay long enough to learn all the basic business concert of the company.

Starting any business takes time, and this is the same with Network marketing. Educating yourself on the products and services take time, so be patience. Generating your leads is another time consuming process.

5 Proven Internet Marketing Techniques

Internet marketing techniques don’t have to eat through your budget. You can brand your business and build clientele through a vast avenue of Internet marketing techniques. Some of the best means of gaining exposure cost little to no money and earn you immediate recognition in the global online marketplace.

Five Internet marketing techniques:

Submit articles
Write a blog
Advertise with website banners
Exchange links
Advertise with a pay-per-click campaign

Submit articles: writing and submitting high quality niche articles to various sites will not only earn you recognition as an industry expert, but also drive traffic to your website. When you submit articles through avenues like EzineArticles or HubPages, you can directly link your website, blog, and other articles written. Write unique, informative, and fresh content that will help readers learn how to do something, solve a problem, or gain useful tips on a certain topic.

Write a blog: blogging burst onto the scenes in the 1990′s, but exploded as an Internet marketing tool in 2004. Industry experts predicted that blogging was the future of business marketing and they were right. Blogging allows you to insert the missing human element into your business. It provides two-way communication between you and your current or potential clients. In fact, most loyal clients build from your blog.

Advertise with website banners: advertising banners allow you to reach your target demographic directly. Essentially, you pay a website to display a banner for your business for a determined length of time. The banner links directly to your website. If you want to yield a good return, advertise on websites related to your own business. For instance, if you own a business that sells women’s swimwear, advertise on sites devoted to active women. Online community forums are a great place to advertise.

Exchange links: linking your own website to that of another in your niche is a great way to build business. Essentially, you want to find website that are high quality and offer a unique perspective that will provide extra resources for your clients. Don’t forget to reciprocate your links. In fact, when starting out, link another website to your site first to build a rapport. Then ask for reciprocation in a few weeks.

Advertise with a pay-per-click campaign: pay-per-click, or PPC, is a very effective method of advertising on the Internet. PPC enable your website to build links directly into a search engine. If a user types in your keywords into a search engine, your ad will be placed on the side bar of the page. PPC works by bidding on keywords. The higher your bid, the higher your ad is placed in a search engine. Stay away from search engines that offer Internet users incentives to click on your ad. They are bad for your business.

Internet marketing is cost effective and allows you to target your specific demographic, gain instant visibility, and reach a global audience. Begin your Internet marketing campaign today and watch your business expand like never before.

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Direct Marketing – How It’s Done in Simple English

Network Marketing…it’s here to stay. It’s no longer a Pyramid Scheme. It’s no longer a quiet little secret. It’s no longer to be mistrusted. Along with talking movies, the television, computers, cell phones and the internet, Network Marketing, aka MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is here to stay. This is still the ground floor for earning potential! As in all companies, there are good network marketing organizations and bad. With Donald Trump stepping up to the plate, announcing his approval of Direct Marketing, the race to success is on!

I started in direct marketing initially, when I was 16 years old selling Avon…going door to door with my little case, catalogs and samples….AND I LOVED IT! I started in 2006 with a network marketing skin care company. I believed in the product and believed the “hype” that I could make $30K/month within my first years. Little did I know that I would lose ALMOST EVERYTHING very quickly. I sold my business of 19 years to a competitor, in part because I believed I could pull off another business success. What I didn’t realize is that network marketing is 99% of the time NOT QUICK success. Further, it is HARD work….grudgingly hard! And with skin care, there are many women who have some interest, but it’s almost impossible to convince a man to sell beauty products. Finally, lugging heavy cartons of beauty products from home party to home party was exhausting, frustrating and grueling. After 1 year of working LOOOOOOOOOOONG hours and another year of working part time, I primarily gave up….I was getting nowhere fast. In the next couple of years I was approached re: several network marketing companies and I steered clear….wouldn’t even listen to an opportunity. What changed my mind? After researching network marketing I realized there are three clues that will determine if it can work for you.

Here are the clues to whether you can make it in Network Marketing:

1. Is the company a valid company? Are they debt free? Is their growth pattern over 5 years an upward spike? Is their commission structure OUTSTANDING? Can you make money IMMEDIATELY or do you have to wait until you have people in your “downline?” (that means people who are working hand in hand with you, team members, who you have signed up to be part of the organization?) Your goal is to make immediate money as well as long term, aka “residual” money. Immediate money pays the bills…Residual money is how you retire at the age of 50 with full wealth!

2. Once you choose a company to own and represent, can you show the opportunity with ease, grace and dignity to your friends, family and others or is it a struggle to learn the product line and teach it to others? You must be able to master your company’s information and explain it in simple English to others. If you can’t, you will not succeed.

3. Do you have a burning passion to be your own boss; to work hard; to earn an income that will surpass what you can ever earn in your “regular” job? You must have a burning passion, because you will hear a lot of “no’s.” If you can answer those questions in the positive with integrity and honesty, YOU CAN BE A SUCCESS IN NETWORK MARKETING!

My name is Lori Redding and I am living my dream! In 2009 I started using a system called Sendoutcards. I told a few people about it and now…I wake up when I’m done sleeping and take time to myself when I want. Feel free to contact me at